Nexus has built a portal that connects any game's microtransaction platform to a digital storefront owned and curated by content creators, enabling them to collect a certain percentage of each transaction through their store. This allows fans to support their favorite game content creators online and spread more exciting game content through their channels. Players can also purchase POE Currency directly through a safe and fast trading platform.

The Nexus platform can cooperate with any creator who is interested in opening a store. The platform can also be implemented in almost any game without interrupting the game. Nexus currently has several game partners in development and plans to release more news in the next few months. The item sales will start with the armor set of the game character.

If players want to buy armor sets, they can buy them through the Nexus store of their content creators, so it supports the developers of the game, which is just another way for creators to make money and support themselves. The company has 15 employees and works with thousands of game influencers.

This is the first time we have launched a free game on a large scale. So far, we have been focusing on premium games that are one-time purchases. Nexus previously launched the Chronos store in 2016 and transitioned to the latest effort in October. POE Currency Buy on a secure trading platform.

Nexus allows us the opportunity to give back to the content creators of Path of Exile in a way that is seamless for everyone. We are very pleased that our community has the potential to thrive with such additional resources, Exile Zhi Bex, community director of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games, said in a statement.