It’s fair to say that if you are a fledgling independent development studio looking for inspiration, excellent choices, and role models, Grinding Gear Games is the best example. Path of Exile. The studio was established in Auckland, New Zealand at the end of 2006. It took a long time to release the game, but its patience and constant efforts paid off because it has achieved certifiable success in business and among many loyal fans.

The concept of identifying a loophole in the market that has a fan base but is not satisfied with the service is the core concept of GGG, which is the key to the success of Path of Exile. Of course, a minor talent is needed. From the initial three-person team, the studio now has 100 people, all of whom are focused on a single project in front of them. They are still generating new content to encourage new players to join, and keep the experience fresh by cleverly considered methods to attract lost players.

From a design point of view, the team established the ideological foundation that must be followed for this game to succeed. During the development, the developer determined that Path of Exile must be an online game, and the items must be stored on the server. These games flourish because their items are difficult to get online, and players will spend a long time gaining them. Therefore, each system is customized according to the game. Players can also follow the POE Currency price on a secure trading website and update the lowest market price.

During the development and release of Path of Exile, the emergence of streaming media and YouTube communities undoubtedly increased the awareness of gamers, but did not affect any core design or feature set ideas. That being said, Wilson suggests the team has considered some ideas to address those who help increase visibility and expand the coverage of the game.

Developers all over the world know that building technology while building a game is never easy. For the Grinding Gear team, there is no shortcut. The developer knows very well that Path of Exile will remain the focus of Grinding Gear Games in the foreseeable future and has no plans to expand to other games. Now old players will go to the safe and fast trading website to Buy POE Currency to improve their strength.