Publisher Grinding Gear Games today released its content update 2.3.0. This drop includes the standard and hardcore versions of the Path of Exile Prophecy Challenge League. If it does not contain more loot, skills and other problems to be solved, it will not be an action role-playing game.The expansion pack is online, players can immediately buy POE Currency to meet new challenges.

In its March rankings, market research company SuperData ranked Path of Exile as the 19th place in the global free massively multiplayer online game market, with 16 million active players. Content pushes like this are critical to getting people to play and pay in the US$99.6 billion global game market.

When Path of Exile conducts alpha testing in China, it will soon show good growth in players and businesses. Grinding Gear is working with Tencent to launch this game on the world's largest PC online market. After all, RPG is currently the most popular game in China, accounting for 44% of the Chinese market.

This update has more content than some expansion packs released in the past, and the update also comes with a lot of new content, including various additional hidden tasks, players can explore it as much as possible. As part of the Prophecy Challenge Alliance, if you put silver on the palm of the NPC, players can get quests from Navali, and Navali will give them a prophecy.

Grinding Gear uses the so-called "ethical" free game mode, in which it sells appearance changes for your characters and items. If players want to get more kinds of props, they can also buy Path of Exile Currency.