Data Logger for Butt Fusion Welding Machine, although it is a basic pedal welding machine in the resistor welding machine, but low -carbon steel, cold -rolled plate, galvanized plate, silk filter, stainless steel belt workpiece with welding We optimize leverage parts on the mechanical structure, coupled with intelligent micro -computer control, have obvious advantages.

1. Economic and effort: Adopt a reasonable spring pedal leverage structure, saving time and effort.

2. Sark spraying less: the balance of welding current rises, inhibits 90%of Mars, avoid splashing phenomena during welding, and protects personnel safer.

3. Large welding range: Welding current calories 99 gear can be adjusted, and the lower limit of the thickness of the welding workpiece is doubled.

4. One -click operation: Just step on the pedal.

5. Intelligent control: The parameters are easy to set, while self -detection, diagnosis and protection of themselves.

6. Maintenance is easy: the electrical lines are highly integrated and intelligent, semiconductor -solid -withilicon replacement contactor, no contact connecting, less maintenance

7, safe and reliable: large current, voltage <3.58V, smaller than 5V mobile phone charger, safety is guaranteed.

8. Long service life: Steel box shells and high -quality all -copper transformers guarantee life for more than 20 years.

9. Firm welding: tailor -made parameters and excellent performance of the whole machine, and the welding joint melting consistency is good.

data logger for butt fusion welding machine