Path of Exile is about the most loyal fans in the world’s largest online action role-playing game in one of the new challenges. Publisher Grinding Gear Games said its 2.3.0 update will be released June 3, bring Prophecy Challenge League standard version and hard-core version, as well as new challenges, items, and skills.

The difference between the Standard and Hardcore that if you die in Hardcore, you will be returned to the Standard. As part of the alliance’s prophetic challenge, players can get the task from Navali there, as long as the silver lubricating her Navali palm. We are more willing to buy POE Currency at the best price.

In its ranking in March, market research firm SuperData the Path of Exile as the world’s first 19 free massively multiplayer online game market, and push content such as these is critical to maintaining the people’s game and paid.

This update includes items and divination cards from Path of Exile supporters, three new safes, and a new final game map. Five new skills have been updated, namely Soul Ritual, Ancestral Chief, Fury, Frostbolt, and Maelstrom. Complete the predicted 40 new challenges, such as exclusive microtransactions. A new endgame maze. Improvements in balance for some skills and items, memory management, and sound system.

Grinding Gear also offers a special set of prophecy-themed equipment at $60. Path of Exile’s microtransactions are all decorative-they do not provide gameplay rewards. This is what the New Zealand company calls “ethical” free games. Players want to Buy POE Currency, Also to enjoy the game.