An additional set of NBA 2K21 Dark Matters cards has arrived in the MyTeam promotion, which includes the first IDOLS player and several great coaches to improve the lineup. Big-ticket, Kevin Garnett, led the way with Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Below are the new cards available in the game and how to use them for your MyTeam roster.

In addition, MyTeam game players will receive 19 gold medals and 41 Hall of Fame badges. These include almost anything imaginable, such as Acrobat, Relentless Finisher, difficult shots, clips, and edge protectors. This card is the first-class superhero KG to join the lineup.

Players who get a KG card can try to get it randomly through IDOLS gift packs or gift boxes in the gift pack market. In addition, going to the auction house, the Big Ticket card may have a high price tag, but players with an enormous amount of money should be able to add KG. You can also go to the trading website to buy NBA 2K22 MT directly.

MyTeam mode has been coaching cards available, which provides a special promoted to the lineup. Commercials in the first card is to give Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. To unlock Phil Jackson himself, gamers need the entire NBA 2K21 Heroic Age collection together. The deck has 15 cards.

The Phil Jackson NBA 2K21 Dark Matters card can be provided as part of another 15-card redemption set. This set of cards contains Modern Age Heroes, including Zion Williamson, Stephen Curry, and Luka Doncic. Buy NBA 2K22 MT and gather the complete set of cards.

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