As a supermarket retailer, are you still worried about the problem of anti -theft of supermarkets? Then hurry up to say goodbye to traditional anti -theft methods, that is, it consumes human and material resources, and the anti -theft effect is not ideal. Now use Retail Anti theft Devices SUPPLIER to prevent theft of goods, and no longer need to worry about the stolen goods. Today, I will introduce the wonderful use of this Retail Anti theft DeviceS SUPPLIer.

If used in supermarket anti -theft, there are two frequencies of anti -theft device for everyone to choose from. They are 58kHz acoustic anti -theft magnetic doors and 8.2MHz radio frequency anti -theft magnetic doors. Essence

The principle of RF 8.2MHz frequency anti -theft magnetic doors: This physical principle that uses the sound of the fork only when the oscillating frequency is the same. In the area, resonance will be generated, but only alarm after receiving four consecutive resonance signals (every 1/50 seconds) after receiving the receiver.

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