The wedding dresses is the most important choice for the bride. The wedding dress can reflect the bride's temperament and charm, and can show the beautiful side of the bride to us. Today, Changsha Wedding Dress Rental Xiaobian will introduce a group of exquisite wedding dress styles, which perfectly decorate the bride's neckline. Let's follow the Xiaobian to see the bride's neck style.


The bodice wedding dress is an unfailing style. Its feature is that it completely shows the whole neck and arms of the bride. The bride whose arm curve is not perfect can choose the bodice style poncho skirt to create a visual effect of up and down coordination.

Exquisite shoulder

One shoulder wedding dress * can reflect the beauty of the bride's collarbone. As the one-shoulder wedding dress covers the shoulders, it is not suitable for women with wide shoulders, but more suitable for thin and exquisite brides.

Elegant stand collar

The neckline of the stand collar wedding dress will slightly raise the bride's jaw, giving a formal, noble and elegant feeling. It is very suitable for women with long necks and small facial contours, and can perfectly set off the bride's facial features.

Mysterious One Shoulder

The design of one bohemian wedding dress is inspired by the Greek goddess. This type of wedding dress is not only simple and natural but also makes the bride always show a mysterious and noble temperament like a goddess. The one-shoulder wedding dress has high requirements on the bride's figure and skin because it exposes half of her shoulders. It is suitable for women with thin shoulders and upper arms, long necks and fair skin.

Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses With Ruffles

The above four wedding dresses * can reflect the beauty of the bride's neckline and collarbone, and reproduce the charming style of the bride. The bride-to-be can boldly choose such styles when choosing wedding dresses to show her sexy and elegant side.