With The Forbidden Sanctum released on POE 3.20 Expansion, one of the most significant issues for every players must be the build options. Actually, uniques rework is massive in the POE 3.20 as well, thus today I would like to talk about two wonderful uniques in 3.20 Expansion that may inspire the new builds due to how powerful they are, without further ado, let’s have a look.

Entropic Devastation
Firstly let's talk about a pair of gloves that I haven't really got my mind around just how crazy it is. Now Entropic Devastation gives your critical strikes with spells inflict impale, which is something that I wanted to for a long time, it was never really possible a 50% increased effects of impale inflicted by spells before. Some players used to put this build with Replica Heartbreaker, which gives you 20% chance to impale on spell hit, and you could do that twice. There were some old qualities that could do this, now you get it just for free on every single crit, and it also has increased effect. On top of that you get Call of Steel, meanwhile because it's a unique, you're going be able to buy them by different Orbs, and double corrupt them for some even better stuffs.

I absolutely love these gloves and I will most likely be playing something with them. I think physical spells got basically no love for a long time, just think about stuffs like Blade Vortex, there's just no way you're not converting to Elemental unless you go poison aspect. but purely physical builds were completely no reason to go for them. Now here is the explaination, we have a very powerful looking ring, Anathema.

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Anathema, basically makes your curse limit is equal to your maximum power charges. This is sort of like a Doedre's Damning. If we remember, the Doedre's Damning gives you plus one additional curse, and Anathema gives you plus two just straight out of the gate. But then there's obviously more stuffs to do with it, now I haven't really fully understood why a build would want more than three, maybe four curses, you could apply all curses at once, I don't really know how that would look like, why that would even be a thing. So this is definitely an interesting one to figure out.

I would say this is one of those uniques that probably lots of people going to make a guide about it, but depending on how much POE 3.20 Currency it would take. Just for the plus two additional curse, it could be really strong on some Poison or Elemental dot builds.